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Discover the heart and soul of the new paradigm of embodied, feminine and multi-layered coaching with our feature documentary presented by Emmy award winning director Natalie Macneil

Hi! I’m

Natalie Macneil

I’m the Founder of Coaching Evolved and our flagship Coaching Evolved Professional Life Coach Certification.

I’m also the go-to Business and Life Coach for soul-centred entrepreneurs, an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of four books.


I’m also the go-to Business and Life Coach for soul-centred entrepreneurs, an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of four books.

Over the last decade I’ve helped more than a million people create extraordinary lives and businesses - our certification program is a culmination of all my years of training, embodiment and mastery.

I was put on this Earth to raise the bar, transform lives, and co-create a new paradigm in the coaching industry - and I have an intuitive inkling that you were led here, to this space, to journey alongside me.

The proven path to create lasting transformation for your clients,

in any and every coaching session
Get your FREE Evolve Coaching Path Guidebook and Session Planner…

And up-level your coaching skills, boost your confidence, and grow a successful, professional and profitable coaching business that nourishes you.

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Hear from the hearts of
our graduates

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“This program will change the trajectory of the coaching industry, I’ve never seen anything else like it."

– Nicole W

 “The program has already paid for itself! It was a whole-body YES."

– Michelle

 “I’m now selling my coaching packages for $3500. I’m over the moon thrilled."

– Laura B

The Coaching Evolved methodology is the only one of its kind

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Incorporates multiple modalities such as Breathwork, NLP, EFT/Tapping, Meditation and more.

Prioritizes you becoming your own most potent Coach, so you can serve others from a place of empathy, embodiment and mastery.

Provides a proven professional coaching framework that is flexible, and created and taught by renowned experts in the industry.

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Creates change in all five facets of one’s Being - the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and mental - resulting in deep and long lasting transformations.

Merges the the intrinsic gifts of both the masculine and the feminine, the body and the mind, the practical and the soulful.

Allows space for your individuality and unique coaching style to shine through.

The next Cohort of the Transformational Embodiment facilitator and Professional Coaching Coaching Certification Starts October 3rd, 2022

Give your soul a taste of our Transformational Embodiment Methodology

Join us at our free bi-weekly EVOLVE Live Journey’s.

These live virtual and interactive workshops are pitch-free sacred spaces for current and aspiring Coaches, Healers, Leader and Teachers to evolve in their personal and professional lives.

Dive to the depths of your Being, learn masterful coaching skills and techniques, and have a firsthand experience with our EVOLVE Coaching Path™.

“I don't think that there's anyone that I've spoken to in this program who didn't think that it was the best thing that they've ever done or at least very close. There is nothing like it. I have done so many courses in my life. I have got degrees everywhere. I've got certificates. There is nothing like this out there except here.”