Become a Wildly Successful & Confident

Certified Transformational Embodiment Coach


Become a Wildly Successful & Confident

Certified Transformational Embodiment Coach

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Start the coaching career of your dreams, or up-level your current

coaching business.

This CAN be your reality.

Say BYE 👋 to working in a way that doesn’t light you up or chasing outdated definitions of ‘success’ - and HELLO to a coaching career filled with fulfillment, joy and prosperity!

Imagine waking up every day and knowing that you’re living on purpose…

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Running a successful, freedom-filled coaching business from anywhere in the world

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Serving people from all over the globe, creating radical and life-changing shifts

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Feeling d-e-e-p-l-y fulfilled, lit up and financially abundant.


the new paradigm of Evolved Coaching 💫

A holistic and embodied approach to coaching that creates lasting and profound transformation in all 5 aspects of a person being - the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Instead of solely focusing on an overly masculine and outdated approach to coaching based on mindset shifts and goal achievement…

We merge the intrinsic gifts of both the masculine and the feminine, the body and the mind, the practical and the soulful, helping people live their most authentic and lit up lives.

Our ICF Accredited dual certification to become a Certified Transformational Embodiment Coach is backed by research, steeped in proven-to-work but flexible processes, structures and frameworks...and values:

✨ Aliveness over automation.

✨ Being over doing.

✨ Rituals over habits.

✨ Flow over force.

✨ Embodiment over mindset.

Get everything you need to become a confident and masterful,

Transformational Embodiment Coach

Using our proprietary ‘EVOLVE PATH™’ method you’ll master a professional, proven and flexible framework that uses a cutting-edge blend of cognitive, energetic, healing, spiritual and somatic techniques, to help you deeply transform your clients and become a wildly successful Professional Coach.

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Picture yourself…

Getting months of live training, doing real practice coaching sessions, and receiving personal mentoring in our coaching frameworks and modalities, to build total confidence in your abilities

Feeling capable of building a successful and financially abundant business because you’ve had top level business/marketing training from people who have already created 7-figure coaching businesses

Having an unmatchable set of skills and tools, and feeling connected with your intuition, so you can guide your clients through any obstacles and help them create lives that are deeply rooted in their Soul’s calling

Create lasting and powerful transformations

for your clients

Within our Evolve Path coaching method, you’ll also be trained in a dynamic suite of techniques, tools and practices including:


Through bringing conscious awareness and technique to the way we breathe, we can use the breath as a healing modality. Through breathwork, we can clear stuck energy, calm the nervous system, feel and process emotions, activate and unleash more of our expression and truth, and so much more. We teach three types of breathwork in the program that you’ll be able to weave into your coaching practice.


EFT, also known as tapping, is a modality that works with the underlying emotions and energy of our biggest challenges, fears, and beliefs that can hold us back from being fully activated, alive, and unleashed. It can help process feelings, realign energy, clear the emotional charge from situations and occurrences going on in our lives, rework blocks, and more. In the program, you’ll specifically be learning how to use EFT in your coaching to create more powerful results for clients.


Meditation, contemplation, and inquiry provides a deep grounding of all the other modalities and coaching techniques. You’ll learn more about different meditation practices and visualizations for you and your clients to use to further embody your deepest desires and live the life you’ve dreamed of.


These dynamic, experiential practices incorporate movement, Gestalt, and Somatic Techniques for deep healing and to bring transformation into each layer of being —physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual. From this place, we bring our boldest goals to life, and embody our power, purpose, and potential.


NLP is made up of hypnotic language and mind strategies that shift our perspective around the limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves, create changes in behaviour and action, and align behaviour and action with desired outcomes and goals.


The latest and most innovative cognitive coaching models allow us to objectively observe our thinking, behaviors, and actions or lack thereof. Through diving into cognitive models and mindset work, we are able to access infinite possibilities available to us and align our thoughts, behaviors and actions with our highest desires. We believe that cognitive coaching paired with somatic modalities and embodiment practices is a recipe for us --and our clients --to be in our power and create whatever future we want.

Just studying each of these modalities in individual programs could take years and cost many thousands of dollars more than your investment in our Coaching Certification program. You’ll get professional training in all of these in our 6-month program.

Create a unique coaching career path

that is right for you

As a Certified Transformational Embodiment Coach you'll be equipped to focus on any of these career paths:

Create a unique coaching career path

that is right for you

As a Certified Transformational Embodiment Coach you'll be equipped to focus on any of these career paths:

An Embodiment Coach

for people who want to experience lasting transformation in every facet of their being and become the most authentic expression of their Self.

A Wellness Coach

for people who want to banish burnout and desire vitality, radiance, and energy.

An Executive Coach

for corporate clients who crave deeper fulfillment and greater balance between life and business.

A Life Coach

to support your clients in aligning with their highest vision and boldest goals.

A Relationship Coach

for couples who desire more passionate connection and to work toward a shared vision of their future.

A Career Coach

for people ready to make bold career moves that align with their purpose and values.

Meet your Coaching Evolved teachers...

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Natalie Macneil

Founder of Coaching Evolved, Emmy award-winning media entrepreneur, 4x bestselling author and Master Coach.

Natalie has over 15 years of training in modalities like NLP, EFT, Gestalt Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation and has coached thousands of people to evolve into their fullest potential. The Coaching Evolved Professional Coach Certification was birthed out of Natalie’s deep passion for helping people become the most alive, fulfilled and authentic versions of themselves.

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Lorraine Hamilton

Program Director and Master Coach Trainer.

Lorraine is the author of three books on coaching, and has been featured in countless media outlets including Coaching Life and Inspired COACH Magazine. She stepped into a training role after becoming heartbroken seeing coaches spend their savings on non-accredited courses that didn’t deliver the confidence and skills required to make an abundant and impactful living from coaching. She is committed to successfully training the future leaders of the industry.

Ready to claim your soul's calling as a wildly successful

Certified Transformational

Embodiment Coach

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