5-IN-1 Bundle

The Ultimate Coaching Mastery Toolkit

Uplevel your client coaching sessions and increase your revenue with our FIVE flexible and easy-to-follow frameworks, templates and rituals.

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What’s Inside...

Infused with over 15 years of expert coaching and entrepreneurship experience,
these tools support professional coaches and healers in building their business and
serving their clients intentionally, skillfully and confidently.

Your bundle includes:
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6-Figure Business Calculator

Plug n’ Play Calculator Template
  • A done-for-you 'paid-traffic calculator' with coaching industry averages built in from our unique access to so many coaching businesses, so you can see what it would take to achieve the results you desire!
  • Plug in your target revenue goal and adjust the values to see just how profitable your business could be
  • Determine how many leads you need to generate and how much you need to charge for your coaching package in order to hit six-figures in your business
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Coaching Session Guide + Planner

Framework + Planner
  • A step-by-step guide to the proven EVOLVE Coaching Path framework, that you can use to structure your client sessions
  • Powerful coaching questions to ask at each stage of the EVOLVE Coaching Path
  • Know exactly where to journey with clients in sessions for maximum results
  • Guidance on how session structure supports safety, creativity and deep transformation
NM - Coaching Mastery BUNDLE Mockups_Simple Coaching Agreement

Simple Coaching Agreement

  • A done-for-you ethical Coaching Agreement in line with ICF Standards
  • *Simply copy and edit to suit your own business needs
  • Covers “Outline of Work and Expectations,” “Deliverables,” and “Terms and Conditions” for coaching client to agree to and sign

*This is not intended to be your final agreement, we invite you to review it with your own lawyer to tailor to your specific business. We do not take any legal liability.

NM - Coaching Mastery BUNDLE Mockups_Client Call Prep Form

Client Call Prep Form

  • A 1-page questionnaire for your client to complete 24 hours before each session
  • Determine your client’s progress and setbacks since their last session
  • Establish the main areas of focus for the upcoming session
  • Receive real-time feedback on your coaching and your client’s experience
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Pre-Session Ritual

Guided Practice
  • A 7-minute guided breathing, shaking, and visualization experience to energetically prepare for each client session
  • Consciously suspend all judgment and your own agenda before the session
  • Clear your energetic channel and deeply ground yourself in presence
  • Serve as an open vessel of communication and support for your client

What is Coaching Evolved?

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Hi! I'm Natalie MacNeil


Coaching Evolved is the culmination of my over 15 years of training and professional practice in modalities like NLP, EFT, Gestalt Therapy, Breathwork and Meditation, and has coached thousands of people to evolve into their fullest potential. Her Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification (that of course uses the EVOLVE Coaching Path!) is the only ICF-accredited, multi-modality program of its kind in the world.

Hear what others are saying

about these powerful
coaching resources…

Quote - Purple

When I came across Coaching Evolved, it was a whole body, yes. I still use the session guide, every single session to organize my sessions. Those frameworks really gave me the confidence to take people into all the different facets and step into really transformational spaces.

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As a coach, the structures and the framework were incredibly powerful tools. They empowered me and equipped me to actually know what I was doing and run a session and feel confident. Confidence is huge in a new endeavour. Those pieces really were just like the ground under my feet of safety.

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This beautifully guided pre-session ritual was the PERFECT centering and clearing practice! It allowed me to come into full presence and release judgment in order to show up as a clear and compassionate vessel for my client.

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The coaching agreement and clients pack questionnaires were priceless resources for me as a new coach. It allowed me to add structure and a solid foundation to my on boarding process in no time. This was very well received by my clientele and added another layer to the safe space I'm holding them into during our transformation time together. Which in my opinion is key to successful coaching.

- Valérie N.
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I think all of the templates provided set any new coach up for success. It's one thing to learn the skills to be a masterful coach...it's quite another to learn the business building skills necessary to take all that coaching mastery to the masses! Coaching Evolved provides the necessary tools and templates to get your coaching business started with ease and confidence, which is a HUGE added benefit that makes this program top-notch and elevated above the rest!

- Ashley
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What I find particularly valuable are the numerous documents and papers that I actually use, slightly modified, 1:1 in my coaching sessions. This material has made it very easy for me to get started with coaching. The materials are very clear and structured, just the right thing for me to fully engage with my clients. With every single document I feel the love for detail that is in this coaching program. Thank you very much for this.

- Heike

Ready to Expand Your Professional Coaching Tool Kit and Walk the

Path of Mastery?

This Coaching Mastery Bundle will equip you with templates and tools to position your coaching business and sessions as professional, structured, and safe containers to explore a myriad of client issues and goals while growing a financially thriving business.