Manifest Your Dreams

Evolve Live Journey

I’m fresh out of leading a retreat on Richard Branson’s Necker Island (that he attended!) for a mastermind group of powerful leaders and changemakers, and our theme was...

Dream Awake

I want to share some of the magic I’ve taken away with me from the experience to support you to dream a new dream for yourself in this EVOLVE Live Journey, featuring a hypnosis and neuroscience-backed visualization.

Visualizing, vision boarding, scripting and journaling are made so much more powerful and transformational when they are paired with practices that are both body-based and scientifically proven, which is our teaching method inside the Coaching Evolved certification program and how I work with clients.

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It’s one thing for your dreams to start being made manifest through a visualization practice, but things are taken to a whole new level when you:

✨ Train your brain to be on the lookout for opportunities/experiences/etc. that are aligned with your vision through activating your Reticular Activating System

✨ Lay a blueprint in your mind for your future so the foundations are set solid before the manifestation arrives

✨ Prepare your nervous system to hold all you are calling in (because if you can’t hold it, you can’t have it)

Which is why, in this Evolve Live Journey, I’m going to take you on a unique manifestation journey through all of the above using a multi-sensory visualization and hypnosis.