Sara Moon

Hi, I’m Sara Moon. I'm an Energy-first, Somatic-led Coach & Mystic. I offer a multi-faceted, quantum approach to transformational embodiment, cellular-level healing and rewriting your human experience from the inside ...

Helene Notland

MHS Health & Empowerment. Devoted consciousness evolver, personally & professionally for 17+ Years. Break the pattern of over-giving and under-receiving. Build a soul-nourishing life.

Elise Aabakken

Both as a performer, artist, teacher and coach, I'm committed to making everyone I meet see themselves in a new light, with more self trust, more acceptance and more love ...

Ally Vaughan

I currently specialize in Whole Body Coaching for the High Achieving Woman-Mind, Body and Soul

Sarah Hyams

I empower women to embody self-love and transform their lives, from feeling stuck and undeserving of healthy relationships to fully embracing love as their birthright.

Sapta Yin Donoghue

15 years of wellness expertise, empathetic trauma-informed approach. Shamanic Counselor, HeartMath Coach, RYT500 Yoga Instructor. Sapta delights in cultivating inner wisdom, reclaiming sovereignty.

Kiesha Yokers

the form won't allow me to type more than a couple of sentences. I can email you my bio

Olivia Sophia

Olivia’s calling is to support professional women in realigning with the truth of who they really are, so that they become empowered to reclaim their purpose, self-trust, vitality, and joy.

Toya Gavin

Toya is the coach and founder of two coaching companies —Woke Up Worthy and Legally Bold. Woke Up Worthy helps women of color achieve dream goals. Legally Bold helps attorneys ...

Deepti Kannapan

I’m a “multipotentialite” and wildlife fan who grew up on both US coasts and India. I’ve spent years orienting my creativity toward conservation goals, mixing science, art and adventure when ...