Health & Wellness

Helene Notland

MHS Health & Empowerment. Devoted consciousness evolver, personally & professionally for 17+ Years. Break the pattern of over-giving and under-receiving. Build a soul-nourishing life.

Elizabeth Ruscitto

I help professionals turn their skills + expertise into a mission-driven business or career so they live a healthier life on their own terms with more freedom and time for ...

Ally Vaughan

I currently specialize in Whole Body Coaching for the High Achieving Woman-Mind, Body and Soul

Sarah Hyams

I empower women to embody self-love and transform their lives, from feeling stuck and undeserving of healthy relationships to fully embracing love as their birthright.

Sapta Yin Donoghue

15 years of wellness expertise, empathetic trauma-informed approach. Shamanic Counselor, HeartMath Coach, RYT500 Yoga Instructor. Sapta delights in cultivating inner wisdom, reclaiming sovereignty.

Kiesha Yokers

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Anna Finck

Anna is an Embodied Wellness Coach who supports her clients in reconnecting to their bodies so that they can reclaim their health, power, and life!

Emefa Boamah

My mission is to hold sacred and delicate spaces for female leaders to reclaim their body as their own after trauma, reclaim their voice & amplify it for impact without ...

Valérie Nourissat

Val empowers women to embody their deeper purpose in life and experience profound satisfaction and bliss in their daily lives while making a positive impact in the world.