Maggie Spizzirri

Passionate about moxie-infused ethical marketing, I empower organizations to be allies for their cause. Through embodied rituals & practical strategies, we cultivate consistent value & positive action

Kasia Krasucka

Kasia is known for her inspirational personality and 100% success rate at unlocking unlimited potential. She brings happiness and positivity to everyone she touches.

Kiesha Yokers

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Toya Gavin

Toya is the coach and founder of two coaching companies —Woke Up Worthy and Legally Bold. Woke Up Worthy helps women of color achieve dream goals. Legally Bold helps attorneys ...

Deepti Kannapan

I’m a “multipotentialite” and wildlife fan who grew up on both US coasts and India. I’ve spent years orienting my creativity toward conservation goals, mixing science, art and adventure when ...

Carin Kilby Clark

Carin Kilby Clark, MBA is an Executive Business Coach, co-founder of the Mixed Media Pros marketing agency, and creator of the CEO Switch. Her mission is to help you build ...

Nicole Wehn

I help ambitious female entrepreneurs discovering their true identity to embody their personality boldly in their business. 20+ years experience in Business & Marketing and Transformational Embodiment

Michelle Kinder

Michelle works with leaders to embody emotional intelligence and prioritize the mental health of their teams. She is a licensed professional counselor and her work is trauma and polyvagal informed.

Stephanie Woods

Your body holds innate inner wisdom. I help you access this wisdom so that you can start living a life that feels aligned and nourishing. Stop second-guessing, stop doubting, stop ...

Valérie Nourissat

Val empowers women to embody their deeper purpose in life and experience profound satisfaction and bliss in their daily lives while making a positive impact in the world.