4 Coaching Frames to Transform Your Client’s Perspectives

Coaching isn't just about guiding your clients through their challenges; it's about transforming how they perceive and interact with their world. At the heart of this transformation lies the power of framing and reframing, a cornerstone technique in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Framing shapes how we experience our work, relationships, and lives. The frames we use around situations, challenges, and relationships can significantly influence our thoughts and emotions. Below, we will explore four core frames of coaching that touch on all five facets of our being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

In this Evolve Series workshop, we delve into four pivotal frames that you can use during coaching sessions to shift your client's perspective. We'll examine the uses of each frame or reframe and provide framing questions to guide your clients through these perspective shifts.

The Core Four Frames we'll explore in the video below are:

Ecology Frame – Exploring Consequences and Effects
This frame helps clients consider the consequences and effects of their actions on their entire life system. It encourages a holistic view, ensuring that changes align with all aspects of their life.

As If Frame – Playing with Possibilities
Closely connected to transformational embodiment, this frame invites clients to explore options and possibilities. It encourages a mindset of exploration and creative thinking.

Purpose Frame – Uncovering Deeper Motivations
The Purpose Frame digs deep into the ‘why' behind someone’s actions and desires. It helps clients understand their motivations without directly asking “Why?”

Meaning (Re-)Frame – Interpreting Experiences Differently
This frame allows clients to explore different interpretations of their experiences or content. It's about shifting perspectives to find new meanings and understandings.

Integrating these four frames into your coaching practice offers a powerful way to catalyze change in your clients' lives. By understanding and applying the Ecology, As If, Purpose, and Meaning Frames, you can guide clients to view their circumstances from new angles, uncovering deeper insights and fostering transformative growth in all five facets of their Being.

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