We are

Coaching Evolved

We are coaches, leaders, healers
and teachers…

The ones who know they have been divinely called to transform lives, and create a new paradigm on this planet.

The ones who are ready to step into the next portal of their evolution, and guide others do the same

We’re here to raise consciousness, and create seismic shifts in the tapestry of humanity.

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Humanity is
crying out for a

New Paradigm

of Coaching

There is a collective (r)evolution taking place across the globe, and people are waking up, turning inwards and questioning all that they once held as Truth.

Cracks in the old paradigm of coaching are beginning to reveal themselves, and it's limited ways of thinking, living and facilitating healing and transformation, can no longer be denied.

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Developed by world renowned coach Natalie MacNeil

Coaching Evolved and our one-of-a-kind EVOLVE Path™ Coaching Methodology are our response and gift to these collective cries from our Sisters and Brothers.

Our methodology supports people in experiencing deep and lasting transformations in all five facets of their Being - their physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and mental facets - using our holistic and embodied methodology.

What Makes Us



The Old Paradigm


The New Paradigm

Heals on only the level of the mind

Heals on all 5 facets of one's Being

Maps Linear paths to success and achievement

Celebrates the journey and the destination, in all of its unique manifestations

One-size-fits-all pathways and solutions

Flexible and adaptable frameworks

Values masculine ways of living, breathing and healing

Fusion of the masculine and feminine, body and mind, the practical and soulful

Textbook style learning

Experiential learning and embodiment

Fits clients into modalities

Finds the perfect modality for each individual client

Spaces that are non-inclusive and lack safety

Trauma informed Coaches who value diversity and inclusivity

Fits the Coach into the framework

Values the unique gifts, personality traits and interests of the Coach

Establishes the Coach as the 'expert'

Honors the client’s intrinsic wisdom and knowing

Want A Taste Of The

New paradigm?

Watch Coaching Evolved – THE MOVIE.
A feature documentary into the heart and soul of this new paradigm of coaching. Presented by Emmy award-winning director Natalie Macneil.

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Hear from the hearts of
our graduates

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“I don't think that there's anyone that I've spoken to in this program who didn't think that it was the best thing that they've ever done or at least very close. There is nothing like it. I have done so many courses in my life. I have got degrees everywhere. I've got certificates. There is nothing like this out there except here.”


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Meet Your Faculty

Natalie MacNeil


Internally renowned go-to Business and Life Coach for soul-centered entrepreneurs, 4 x best-selling Author, retreat co-host with Richard Branson, and winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Over the span of a decade, Natalie has coached thousands of people to tap into the infinite wells of their potential, and intentionally create lives and businesses they love.

Despite having spent years working in the coaching industry, Natalie never felt like the old paradigm frameworks, tools and modalities she was trained in, were the right ‘fit’ for her or that they were able to take her clients to the depths she knew they had the potential to dive to.

Yes, she’d studied. Yes, she loved being of service as a Coach. And yes, she was seeing some powerful results with her clients...

But the masculine and cognitive-heavy approach she’d been taught felt formulaic, rigid, misaligned and superficial and she knew her client’s had the potential to transform and evolve much more deeply!

And so, with 15 years of training in, and embodied experience with, modalities like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork, Gestalt Therapy, Meditation (and more!)...

After endless requests from her clients…

And witnessing the cries from humanity at large…

Natalie fused her extensive years of professional and personal development, training, embodiment and experiences, and created her accredited, embodied and multi-modality EVOLVE Path™ Coaching Methodology.

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Lorraine Hamilton


Internally renowned go-to Business and Life Coach for soul-centred entrepreneurs, best-selling Author, retreat co-host with Richard Branson on Necker Island, and winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

A former engineer-turned-Master-Coach-turned-Master-Trainer, Lorraine has found much success in the life, health, business and corporate coaching arenas over the last decade.

She is also the author of three books on coaching, the creator of the S.W.I.T.C.H. Coaching System, and has been featured in countless media outlets including Coaching Life and Inspired COACH Magazines.

Lorraine stepped into a training role after becoming heartbroken at seeing too many Coaches spend their savings on non-accredited trainings that didn’t provide them with the confidence and skills they needed to make an abundant living from coaching.

Inside the Coaching Evolved Professional Life Coach Certification, she’s poised to continue her journey to change all that, train the future leaders of the industry and lead by example in the new paradigm.

The Coaching Evolved Ethos

All of the abundance, love, joy, purpose, power and pleasure that your clients seek is already within them.

This transformational methodology will unlock their intrinsic wisdom and magic, and light their way through the next portal of their evolution.

Want to see it in action?

Join our FREE Evolve Live Journeys - bi-weekly workshops for professional and personal evolution, where you get to experience the power of our EVOLVE path methodology for yourself.

We Value

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Our certification provides six months of experiential and theoretical education and training, and attentive hands-on support, so you can evolve into a confident, masterful and ICF-Accredited professional Coach.


Become your own most potent coach first, by living, breathing and embodying all that you learn, so you can become a transformational Coach to your clients.


No matter where you live, how you identify, or the path your life has taken, you are welcome in our community. We celebrate diversity, and see it as being vital to the lifeblood of growth, understanding, inclusivity and empathy.

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Acknowledgement that there is no final destination on our professional and personal journey in this lifetime, and that we are constantly learning, morphing and evolving.

Entrepreneurial skills

We won’t just evolve you into a masterful professional Coach, we will teach you how to build and grow a thriving, profitable and values aligned business too.

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“Working with Natalie has been an intersection of business, healing, showing up for self, and showing up for the world.”

- ERIN DOPPELT, CEO of Spiritual Intelligence

Become a wildly successful
and fulfilled Professional Coach and

Transformational Embodiment Facilitator.

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Run a successful, freedom-filled and sustainable business serving people from all over the world…

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Transform your life and expand into your truest and fullest essence…

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Evolve your Self from the inside out, and guide others to do the same, confidently and masterfully.

Are you ready to claim your Soul’s calling and co-create the new paradigm of professional coaching with us?


Explore our 6-month ICF accredited...

Transformational Embodiment Facilitator and Professional Coach Certification

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Get your free coaching tools

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