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Rituals and Self-Care for Coaches Before, During, and After a Session

Self-care for coaches is often overlooked but vital to supporting your clients –and yourself –during each session. Many coaches, leaders, healers and teachers put so much emphasis on how they can most powerfully support their clients to evolve through the containers they create for them, but pay little attention to nourishing themselves through the incorporation…

Four Ways Coaching Evolved Coaches Create Deep And Lasting Transformations With Their Clients

Having spent decades in the industry, coached thousands of humans, and worked with countless methods and modalities, we know that Coaching Evolved Coaches offer something special. The depth of the shifts they support their clients to create… The depth of the shifts they support their clients to create… The portals of Soul evolution they support…

The Perspective Triangle: A Coaching Tool for Emotional Triggers in Relationships

The Perspective Triangle is a coaching tool created by Coaching Evolved that blends Gestalt, neuroscience, NLP, and embodiment practice. It’s one of the core tools we teach inside our ICF-accredited, multi-modality certification program. One of the gifts of the Perspective Triangle is that it allows us to gain clarity about, and sometimes even resolve relationship…

5 Ways To Diversify Your Offerings and Income as a Coach

One of the gifts of the coaching profession is that the paths it presents, and opportunities it offers, are plentiful and diverse. As Coaches and Teachers who have journeyed with coaching collectively for decades, we’ve never seen two Beings run exactly the same businesses, or provide exactly the same offerings.  Why? Because each Soul is…