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Amplify Your Intuition and Keep Your Channel Clear as a Coach

As a coach, healer, teacher or leader, your intuition is one of the most powerful tools that you have because it’s what allows you to guide your clients through transformation in a very personalized way.  The most effective way to keep your channel clear so you can amplify your intuition in the coaching process is…

Tantric Breathwork to Reclaim Your Sexuality and Unlock Your Self-Expression

Some of the most deeply imprinted conditioning a person holds surrounds their sexuality. That’s why I believe it’s a necessary domain we need to have awareness of to be masterful coaches, healers, teachers and leaders. When clients experience blocks around their creativity or self-expression, sexuality is a place that most coaches don’t dare go, and…

Calm Stress with Somatic Coaching Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

The capacity to effectively calm and clear stress as a coach, teacher, leader or healer might be one of the most important techniques you offer your clients so they can live and create from a space of calm in pursuit of achieving their goals. But how do we go beyond mindset coaching techniques to calm…

Become a Better Coach by Mastering Empathic Listening Skills

As a coach, listening is arguably one of the most important skills for us to develop.  There are many styles of listening, but to become a better and truly masterful coach, empathic listening is a key skill for us to practice and embody in our coaching sessions so we can help our clients evolve to…

Manifest Your Dreams with Science-Backed, Multi-Sensory Visualization

A multi-sensory visualization practice anchored in the portal of your heart center can help activate your manifesting powers so you can actualize your dreams quicker and more effectively than a simple visualization practice where you only focus on the desired outcome or goal. By harnessing the proven combination of science-backed, somatic-based, multi-modality tools embedded in…

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom With Somatic Techniques

The body holds vast wisdom that often goes unnoticed in our busy daily lives. When we journey beyond the mind and into the body using somatic techniques, we’re able to unlock and harness that inner intelligence, known as somatic wisdom. Our bodies communicate with us all day long, but do we really know how to…