Rituals and Self-Care for Coaches Before, During, and After a Session

Self-care for coaches is often overlooked but vital to supporting your clients –and yourself –during each session.

Many coaches, leaders, healers and teachers put so much emphasis on how they can most powerfully support their clients to evolve through the containers they create for them, but pay little attention to nourishing themselves through the incorporation of rituals and self care practices in their professional work.

In this week’s installment of our new EVOLVE Series, we demonstrate a collection of rituals and self care practices that you can call on to support you and your clients – before, during and after your coaching sessions, such as:

Using invocations

Energetic protection and clearing

Practices that cultivate deep presence 

Technical to-do’s and checks

These self-care practices and rituals will support you to create a coaching container that’s steeped in safety for both yourself as the coach and your clients… 
So you can show up with the highest amount of integrity, presence, pride, mastery and professionalism in your coaching practice.

When you fuse rituals and self care practices into your coaching practice – before, during and after your client sessions – you will witness firsthand the impacts they’ll have on your Self as a coach and how you show up in your sessions, and in turn, the impacts they’ll have on your clients.

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