Working with Repressed Emotions Like Anger

The capacity to support clients to express and release repressed emotions like anger is one of the skills that sets deeply embodied, trained, and masterful coaches apart from amateurs.

While many coaches are confident and capable in supporting their clients to speak about their experience of repressed anger and process it at the level of the mind, many lack the skills to help their clients move and release anger through and out of their bodies so it can be transformed, alchemized and released from all five facets of their Being – their physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and mental facets.

Why is this so important? Because when repressed anger isn't expressed and released it can manifest as and lead to:

Heightened emotional reactions

Unclear and loose boundaries

The avoidance of conflict

Physical tension, aches, pains and ailments

Attempting to control situations, people and life itself

Learning how to resolve repressed emotions like anger (in our own lives and with our clients) is a crucial part of the human experience, which is why in this episode of our EVOLVE Series, I'm teaching you how to move heavy emotions like anger through the body, so they can be expressed and not repressed.


The Essences of Embodiment framework that we teach in our ICF-accredited, multi-modality certification program that supports you to articulate your exact emotional experience, so you can transmute it with precision

Somatic release tools for personifying repressed emotions like anger, and giving them expression through sound and movement

A practice you can use in your personal and professional practice to help you safely embody feelings like anger, release their energy from your Being and use them as a tool for transformation (which doesn't happen when the emotion is only processed at the level of the mind).

Despite what we've been taught, emotions are neither good nor bad, and this training video will support you and your clients to release the judgment, shame and separation that these labels create, and move towards wholeness and freedom.


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