EFT ‘Tapping’ for Resistance and Manifestation Blocks

Have you ever had a desire, dream or goal that was so close to your heart that you yearned for it with all of your Being….

Yet felt blocked when it came time to take the steps needed to bring it to life and make it your reality?

While many of us desire transformations and evolutions in areas such as:

Business growth

Mastery of a new skill

More aligned career path

Attracting a harmonious relationship

Physical health and fitness

We often find ourselves putting self imposed barriers in the way of their manifestation.

But this block - this resistance - holds wisdom!

Many people think that their resistance is a sign that they’re on the wrong path or that they shouldn’t do something, yet very often it’s simply their mind trying to keep them safe and in their comfort zone.

Once we understand how our resistance is trying to serve us, and what it's trying to communicate with us, we’re able to transmute it and move beyond it.

As a coach, healer, or teacher, you will certainly notice this pattern coming up in your client sessions time and time again. That’s why having the right tools in your coaching toolbox to navigate through this resistance or block with your client is essential to creating long lasting transformation.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or ‘Tapping’) is one of the most powerful and transformational tools available. It’s one of the core modalities we teach inside of our Coaching Evolved ICF-accredited, multi-modality certification program and that I use in my coaching sessions with my clients and in my personal life.

In the EVOLVE Series workshop below you will:

Get to the root of your resistance and uncover the meanings and messages it holds, so you can manifest your desires

Be guided through an EFT practice to help you shift your resistance, so you can birth your dreams and goals


This EFT practice will support you - and your clients - to shift your resistance, so you can actualize the desires, dreams and goals you hold in your hearts.

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