How to Build a Referral Rich Coaching Business

There's nothing like referrals and word of mouth marketing when it comes to building a successful business as a Coach.

While it’s important to have foundations laid, marketing plans in place and funnels established, nothing quite beats being introduced to new clients through the gifts that are referrals and word of mouth.

This way of crossing paths with aligned humans who are desiring support is often the most ease-filled, because trust has already been built (thanks to someone they know already having sung your praises from the rooftop!)

So, how do you begin to build a referral rich reputation as a Coach? 

Here are the three key ingredients (that you can begin playing with, right now!) that will support you to build a referral rich coaching business. Trust us, as people who have built six and seven figure coaching businesses, we can hands-on-heart say … these ingredients work.


You will not establish a great reputation for yourself, or call in referrals, if you haven’t first instilled people with confidence and trust in your abilities…

And while of course you need high level skills in order for your clients to feel confident in you, what is also of utmost importance is you claiming your absolute genius, and feeling confident in yourself. 

A confident Coach is:

Present and 100% in the moment

Willing to get creative and try outside-the-box strategies

Guided by a proven-to-work coaching framework that supports them to hold space for a  successful and powerful coaching session for each and every client  (you can get a free guidebook for our EVOLVE Coaching Path and framework here)

More at ease with allowing their clients to access their own inner wisdom and walk their own paths, rather than feeling pressured to find ‘answers’ and ‘fix’.

What’s wonderful is that getting your skills to a level that instills confidence within your clients, does not require you to have been a practicing Coach for a lengthy amount of time.

In fact, we find that the graduates who study with an accredited coaching school like Coaching Evolved, that offers in-depth training, education, embodiment and mentoring, are more likely to go out into the ‘real world’ with finely attuned skills and confidence in their own abilities…

Meaning that they begin instilling confidence in their clients, and calling in perfectly aligned referrals, quickly and with ease.

A confident coach also isn’t afraid to ask for referrals!

If a client is getting incredible results and making massive leaps in the coaching process, you can let them know how much you appreciate referrals and how much a future client will appreciate the referral to get to experience the level of transformation you can confidently guide them through. Win-win.


The most successful Coaches are the ones who are crystal clear on WHO they want to support and have honed their expertise and experience in these areas. 

The beauty of the world in this day and age is that we’re not required to fit ourselves into a coaching box or be ‘everything to everyone’. 

A confident Coach is:

Who we think will get the best results from our work and our approach

Who we feel most deeply called to serve

When we know both these things, and honour them in the way we run our business? 

We *shine*! 

And when we *shine*?

We do our greatest work in taking our clients to the depths of their Being and guiding them to invite in deep and long-lasting transformations – which naturally calls in more and more organic referrals!

It can take some time to figure out exactly who we feel called to serve so if you’re unsure of your niche at the moment, know that we see coaches work on refining their niche for months. After all, it’s a really big decision.


Every human desires to be truly seen by others and offering this to your clients, as a Coach, creates a safe container for them to dive deep within themselves and show up to your time together in their full expression of Self.

While it may sound obvious for us to say that a Coach needs to be empathetic and have self awareness… 

The deep truth of the matter is that Coaches are human, and all humans have their own beliefs, perceptions and conditions that can influence them, and they need to remain acutely aware of that. 

While many coaching programs focus solely on honing and refining the student’s coaching skills, the Coaching Evolved family knows that our time being of service to our clients begins before they even step into the room with us (whether that be a physical or virtual room)…

This is why a core component of our EVOLVE Coaching Path framework involves our Coaches engaging in a pre-coaching ritual – so they can suspend their own judgments (which we all have!), ‘clean their slate’ and step into deep presence, self awareness and empathy.

When a client feels truly and deeply seen and held just as they are, they’re more likely to devote themselves to the process of self inquiry and transformation, resulting in greater and more sustainable evolutions… 

And they’ll be more likely to refer you to others in their life because of it!


These are the key ingredients that work together to create your referral-rich reputation from which your referral-rich coaching business will be born from.


You know exactly who you are talking to and where in the market your offer fits.


You can make a powerful invitation to work together when you can demonstrate your deep understanding of their challenges.


When you claim your genius and show up fully and merge it with empathy for your client, you can confidently say, ‘I see you, I know what scares you the most, and I can help.’

We’d love for you to consider which of the above three ingredients your heart feels most called to dive deeper into as you begin to evolve your practice as Coach and call in more referrals with ease.

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