Resolve Inner Conflict with Embodied ‘Parts’ Work Coaching

Have you ever felt conflicted while making a really important decision?

Many of us get stuck in self-sabotaging patterns because part of us wants one thing while other parts resist or crave something else, creating a disembodied inner conflict.

While we may desire to:

  • Set new goals or visions
  • Grow new gifts
  • Resolve a challenging an inner conflict
  • Step boldly into our purpose on the planet

It’s understandable that parts of us come into conflict with that desire (think: Perfectionist, Performer, Inner Child, Higher Self…). 

As a coach, teacher or healer, you might see this come up a lot in client sessions and notice how mindset work alone doesn’t fully resolve your clients’ inner struggle. That’s why you need a powerful and proven somatic tool to integrate the conflicted parts of your clients’ internal discord back to harmony and wholeness.

Embodied ‘parts’ work like The Boardroom Practice is so effective (and fun!). It’s one of the skills upgrades embedded in our NEW Mastery Experience program here at Coaching Evolved that continually transforms the lives of so many of our clients and students.

In the guided EVOLVE Series workshop below you will:

  • Explore suppressed or stuck parts of yourself so you can somatically and intuitively unearth their hidden gifts and wisdom
  • Shift inner discord to harmony so you can discover new growth opportunities
  • Embody the fullness of who you are, including the parts that you’ve maybe pushed away, judged or shamed in the past so you can fully own and express your unique Self

The Boardroom Practice will help you and your clients resolve inner conflict in minutes so you can move forward with greater awareness, embodied clarity and in alignment with your highest truth.

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