Unlock Your Inner Wisdom With Somatic Techniques

The body holds vast wisdom that often goes unnoticed in our busy daily lives. When we journey beyond the mind and into the body using somatic techniques, we’re able to unlock and harness that inner intelligence, known as somatic wisdom.

Our bodies communicate with us all day long, but do we really know how to effectively listen and integrate the knowledge so we can embody that inner somatic wisdom into our lives?

By making time to connect to our soma (body), somatic techniques have the power to help us:

Gain a deeper understanding of ourselves

Develop self-awareness

Feel more connected to the people and world around us

Cultivate a deep inner peace

So how do we attune to this somatic wisdom?

Before we dive into 5 transformative techniques so you can unlock your somatic wisdom and make embodied shifts from this inner intelligence, it’s vital to understand that it can take time to build this connection with your body.

Many coaches, teachers, healers and leaders who choose to voyage beyond mindset coaching can experience frustration. (This frustration also holds codes and keys of wisdom for us to unlock, too!)

At Coaching Evolved, we refer to this initial struggle as being caught in the ‘mental facet of being’: when a client thinks their feelings vs. feeling their feelings.

Until you have a truly embodied experience of being connected to your somatic wisdom, it may not make a lot of logical ‘sense.’

As you dive into these practices, it’s most supportive to hold yourself in compassion and kindness, free of judgment and with an energy of exploration. Unlocking your somatic wisdom is a skill, a habit to be developed and honed. Going beyond the logic of the mind into the wisdom of the body is a life-long journey, but once you experience the radical breakthroughs and transformative shifts of somatic techniques, you’ll know it was well worth the investment.

Now, let’s explore 5 techniques so you can ignite your body-based healing journey today and unlock your somatic wisdom within.


Our bodies are always communicating with us.

Sometimes it’s through sensations such as tightness, discomfort, or pain. Other times it’s through joyous sensations, like “butterflies,” or “goosebumps.”

By starting to pay attention to these sensations and getting curious about them, we can gain insight into our physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Yoga, tai chi, contact improv, and dance can all help you tap into your somatic wisdom by helping you become more aware of your body in time and space, as well as physical sensations and emotions.


Massage and bodywork, ROLFing, and acupuncture are all body-centered therapies to attune to somatic wisdom.

Somatic therapy and somatic coaching, such as ‘Parts’ Work, EFT ‘Tapping’ or Breathwork, can provide personal support and guidance to connect with your somatic wisdom.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for connecting with the body and its inner wisdom.

Try practicing mindfulness through meditation where you simply observe your thoughts, feelings, and anything that’s alive within you in the present moment. There’s no trying to fix or get to a solution; you’re just witnessing what’s present.


Journaling is a great way to explore your somatic experience and gain insight into your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Try writing down your physical sensations and emotions each day, and reflect on what they might be telling you about yourself.

Here are some prompts to try:

What do you sense and notice in your body right now?

Try to describe what you are feeling physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. (There is no right or wrong answer here-–it’s simply an exploration, and you’re invited to write whatever is coming up for you.)

Invite your body to speak to you directly. Take a few deep breaths, and then write what it wants to share with you.

By tapping into the somatic wisdom within, magical and miraculous possibilities can unfold in your life.

Remember to be patient and kind with yourself, and approach attuning to your somatic wisdom free of judgment and with an open heart.

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