Manifest Your Dreams with Science-Backed, Multi-Sensory Visualization

A multi-sensory visualization practice anchored in the portal of your heart center can help activate your manifesting powers so you can actualize your dreams quicker and more effectively than a simple visualization practice where you only focus on the desired outcome or goal.

By harnessing the proven combination of science-backed, somatic-based, multi-modality tools embedded in our ICF-accredited Coaching Evolved frameworks like multi-sensory visualization, you too can take your goals, visions, and manifestations to the next level starting now.

The brain and body don’t know the difference between what you’re casting as a visualization or what you’re experiencing as reality.
In the guided EVOLVE Series workshop below you will learn how to:

Strengthen the neural connections in your brain of what you do want to experience in your life and rewire your synapses to support your blueprint of success with neuroplasticity

Refine your manifesting powers with your Reticular Activating System and train your brain to be on the lookout for aligned opportunities, experiences, solutions, etc., on autopilot

Plant the somatic seeds of experiencing this reality now into your nervous system so you don’t self-sabotage

Activate your senses to merge your unique method of feeling, integrating and manifesting

Vibrate at the frequency of your Future Self by embodying their emotional and energetic states naturally

Multi-sensory visualization is an essential ingredient to help you (and your clients!) achieve your goals in alignment with your desires, nervous system and somatic understanding so you can embody those wild visions today and witness them magically manifest in your life. 

Want to give yourself more of an edge as a coach?

Activate your somatic business blueprint alongside other professional coaches, healers, teachers and industry leaders in our NEW Mastery Experience Program.

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