Four Ways Coaching Evolved Coaches Create Deep And Lasting Transformations With Their Clients

Having spent decades in the industry, coached thousands of humans, and worked with countless methods and modalities,

we know that Coaching Evolved Coaches offer something special.

The depth of the shifts they support their clients to create…

The depth of the shifts they support their clients to create…

The portals of Soul evolution they support their clients to walk through…

And the sustainable results they support their clients to embody…

Are unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed in our many years of being both devoted students of life and experts in the industry.

1. We create change on all layers of one’s being

Where masculine-heavy approaches to life coaching focus on creating change at only the limited level of the mind…

Coaching Evolved Coaches focus on creating change on all five layers of one’s Being – the physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual AND the mental layers.

When we support people to dive, delve and dissect each of these layers, they’re able to bust through their deepest blocks and reach their full potential…

Making their transformations embodied, and therefore, deeper and more sustainable!

2. We call on the support of multiple modalities

We don’t believe that any two humans are the same – which is why we equip our Coaching Evolved Coaches with a diverse array of modalities that enable them to meet any client exactly where they are, in all situations.

Our multi-modality coaching methodology takes a holistic and embodied approach, blends the gifts of the masculine and the feminine, and invites in the magic of Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork, Neurolinguistic Programming, Gestalt Therapy … and more!

When we’re able to call on the support of the perfect modalities to meet the specific needs of the client in front of us (instead of following a generic framework or formula, or trying to fit everyone into a single rigid box!), their transformations deepen and their outcomes sky-rocket.

3. We focus on the future, not the past

Unlike many traditional ‘help’ therapies like Psychotherapy and Counseling, Coaching Evolved Coaches focus on moving people forward (towards the future they desire for themselves), rather than taking them back into the past (to resolve past traumas).

While of course we are all impacted by, and a product of, what has transpired in our lives…

Our Coaches believe that the most conducive approach to healing is one that moves you from where you are now, to where you want to be – not one that keeps you stuck and stagnant in what was.

While one’s past is never denied in a coaching session (it is a part of us after all!), it’s a Coach’s goal to support people to move forward, through the next portals of their evolution.

In fact, it’s in this evolution that healing from the past actually occurs in a way that’s sustainable and can be maintained without the support of a professional (which is our numero uno priority as a Coach!)

4. We connect people with their core values

In order to live a life that is overflowing with alignment, fulfillment and contentment, we must create a life that is aligned with our values.

In fact, if you’ve ever felt stuck in your life, or not known the ‘right’ decision to make, it’s often because you’re experiencing a clash of values. They are pervasive and have a huge impact on how we feel as we move throughout our days, months and years.

Many generalist Coaches skim over values elicitation…

But our professionally trained Evolved Coaches don’t just help their clients get clear on our values – they then guide them to make decisions and take action, using their values as their True North and Guiding Star.

Very often, without us even realizing it, the values we live by aren’t in fact ours. Rather, they’re byproducts of our parents, teachers, peers, culture – pretty much everything outside of us.

There’s no point setting goals for ourselves, and our future, if we aren’t first aware of what’s important to us. These goals won’t resonate and won’t stick!

Working with an Evolved Coach is oh-so-transformational, in part, because the goals they set with their clients are in complete resonance with their unique set of values and Soul Path … and when goals are set in this way, lives are changed!

If you’re interested in learning more about our certification program and the new paradigm of coaching that we’re living, breathing and co-creating with our students and graduates…

And the dynamic suite of modalities, techniques, tools and frameworks – like Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation and Visualization, Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Technique, Loving Kindness Practice and Body Scanning – we train our professional coaches in…

Then we invite you to learn more about our 6 month, multi-modality and ICF-Accredited Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification.

It would be our honor to journey alongside you if your heart, soul and intuition felt a resonance and inner ‘YES!’

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