The Perspective Triangle: A Coaching Tool for Emotional Triggers in Relationships

The Perspective Triangle is a coaching tool created by Coaching Evolved that blends Gestalt, neuroscience, NLP, and embodiment practice. It’s one of the core tools we teach inside our ICF-accredited, multi-modality certification program.

One of the gifts of the Perspective Triangle is that it allows us to gain clarity about, and sometimes even resolve relationship challenges and emotional triggers in relationships, without the other person having to be involved.

The mini-workshop below will support you to:

  • Explore your relationship from three different perspectives (yours, the other person’s and that of the neutral ‘witness’)
  • Express and process your unfiltered truth
  • Open yourself up to the other person’s experience and perspective
  • Consider how you can embody the learnings and take aligned action to improve the relationship

Connection is a core element of the human experience and very often, our emotional well-being and even our ability to bring our deepest desires to life is closely tied to the quality of our relationships with others.

This transformational practice will help you begin the process of healing emotional triggers and invite more clarity and love into your relationships. 

Want to learn how to facilitate the Perspective Triangle as part of a coaching session?

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