Train Your Nervous System for What You Desire with EFT “Tapping”

Like many of the coaches, teachers, healers and facilitators in our Coaching Evolved community, you most likely have big dreams for yourself, your career and your impact on the planet.

So it can be frustrating and disheartening to feel like you’re blocking or somehow sabotaging yourself from getting the results you’ve been envisioning.

As we move toward our highest visions and deepest callings, what can end up happening is our nervous system isn’t ready for what we want. Instead, our nervous system registers the goal or vision as a perceived ‘threat,’ as something that’s not “safe.” 

This might be because we haven’t experienced it before and therefore it’s “unfamiliar”, or perhaps because we’ve tried and “failed” in the past. 

These blocks could appear as procrastination, distraction or limiting beliefs that keep our nervous systems rooted into what it deems as “safe.” Until we begin to address those underlying emotions, beliefs or blocks, we will keep ourselves in these sabotaging spirals, unable to break free from the pattern. 

One of our favorite tools (and a fave of our alumni) to release doubt, clear inner blocks, and invoke our most beloved manifestations into form is EFT “Tapping.” 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the core, cutting-edge modalities that we teach our coaches inside our ICF-accredited, multi-modality Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification. And in today’s guided practice, we’re going to use this tool to be really proactive in working towards what we most desire by training our nervous system to have the capacity to hold it (this is crucial).

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