Coaching Beyond the Mind [Demo + Workshop]

Our bodies are libraries of wisdom, archives of experiences, and keepers of truths that our minds can overlook, and exploring these libraries, archives, and truths with our clients is how we change their lives in the most profound ways.

Exploring these libraries, archives, and truths with our clients is how we change their lives in the most profound ways.

And when you’re a life-changing coach who co-creates the most desired transformations and epic results with your clients, you end up getting A LOT of referrals and a prosperous coaching practice. 

So how do you create the deepest, most powerful, life-changing coaching sessions? 

In the special Evolve Series workshop below, you will:

Discover the magic of coaching through every facet of Being –physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual

Learn the language and specific coaching questions that bring clients out of their heads and into their hearts and bodies

Get to see a clip of me coaching a client where I weave Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Breathwork, and our signature 5-step somatic coaching process (all tools and modalities we teach inside our ICF-accredited Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification that we’re now enrolling) to create a tapestry of transformation and possibility

If this Evolve Series workshop serves you in your coaching practice and you want to learn to coach with multiple modalities like the ones you will see being weaved into the coaching session in the workshop above, we teach it all in our ICF-accredited, multi-modality Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification


Our next cohort starts October 30th for those who want to graduate and become ICF-certified coaches in 2024, and applications are open now! We only open enrollment once per year, so apply to join us now if you’ve been feeling called.

Click below to learn more and apply now!

Learn the proven path to creating lasting transformations with your clients,

in any and every coaching session
Get your FREE Evolve Coaching Path Guidebook and Session Planner…

And up-level your coaching skills, boost your confidence, and grow a successful, professional and profitable coaching business that nourishes you.

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