Ego Death: A Journey to Uncover Your True Self

The primary purpose of an Ego Death journey is to separate you from your ego. The ego, in large part, encompasses your personality, identity, and the ‘labels' that are imposed on you or that you impose on yourself. 

This profound process aims to reveal the Truths hidden beneath layers, beyond the mind, and in the unexplored crevices of your Soul.

It is considered one of the most profound gifts you can offer yourself, leading to a transformative experience that allows you to emerge as a completely different person.

In the Evolve Series workshop below, you are invited to embark on a micro Ego Death journey. This unique experience will allow you to explore:

Who you really are beneath all the layers of conditioning

How your personality has created the life you're presently living, and what a different personality may create instead (yes, you can absolutely shift your personality)

Who you are at your most pure essence, and what gifts are lying dormant there for you to unlock and share

You will harness a trifecta of powerful tools – writing prompts, breathwork, and a guided self-inquiry process – to help you see beyond the veil of your personality and feel into what else is possible for your life (beyond the limitations of your mind, because the ego equals the mind!).

Ego Death is not as scary as it sounds. It's an opportunity to recreate yourself and your life on your terms. Through the Evolve Series workshop, you will journey into your very own Ego Death portal, uncovering your true essence, and unleashing your limitless potential. You'll also learn how to move from your head into your body, a skill sought after by many Coaches.


Our next cohort starts October 30th for those who want to graduate and become ICF-certified coaches in 2024, and applications are open now! We only open enrollment once per year, so apply to join us now if you’ve been feeling called.

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