Embody Abundance Using the Essences of Embodiment Framework for Aligned Goal-Setting and Manifestation

At Coaching Evolved, we believe that for transformation to be long-lasting it has to be embodied in all five facets of Being—the mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. 

So what exactly does it mean to embody an essence like abundance mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually? I recorded a guided video practice that takes you through our proprietary Essences of Embodiment Framework and some of our other popular embodiment tools to show you.

You'll leave this Evolve Series Workshop with:

An inside view into my personal abundance rituals and practices I have been using for years to attract more abundance into my life

A tangible experience of the ⭐️ Essences of Embodiment framework ⭐️ we teach in our signature programs at Coaching Evolved

Being energetically attuned to abundance, so you can more easily call in, and hold on to, the abundance you desire (not just money, but everything you desire more abundance in – opportunities, clients, friendships, joy, health, love – you name it!)

New tools and techniques that you can add to your professional toolkit that will support your clients to experience even deeper and more transformational shifts

Your energy acts as a magnet for abundance and only when you learn to become the essence of abundance itself, can you expand your wealth and attract everything else you desire for yourself.

If you want to dive more deeply into this powerhouse practice and learn to facilitate our proprietary embodiment tools and somatic coaching methodology, be sure to explore our one-of-a-kind programs here!

Want to embody abundance and help others do the same as a future leader of the coaching industry?

Perhaps you’re just beginning your journey as an aspiring coach and want to ignite an intuitive career with our ICF-accredited Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification…


Maybe you’re already an established coach ready to up-level your somatic coaching toolkit, integrate proven business strategies and create your personal legacy inside our Mastery Experience

Coaching Evolved is devoted to helping you unlock your unique coaching genius and providing you the top-tier tools to create a successful career of your own design and incite a (r)evolution in your industry, community and the world. 

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