Amplify Your Intuition and Keep Your Channel Clear as a Coach

As a coach, healer, teacher or leader, your intuition is one of the most powerful tools that you have because it’s what allows you to guide your clients through transformation in a very personalized way

The most effective way to keep your channel clear so you can amplify your intuition in the coaching process is to consciously engage in daily practices. By doing so, you will be able to strengthen and develop your intuition in your coaching sessions and your life.  

In this EVOLVE workshop, I’m sharing my go-to tools and techniques to help you quiet the mind, uncover your unique intuitive type and amplify your intuition consistently.  
In this recorded workshop I guide you through:

The 4 main types of intuition for yourself and your clients

Strengthening and developing your primary and secondary types of intuition with Coaching Evolved’s 7-step Intuition Tracker

An Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practice to clear any stagnancy and resistance in your energy field 

A stream-of-conscious writing practice to help you channel your intuitive messages into form

Our world is more noisy than ever which can clog our channels and override our intuition. It’s understandable many coaches struggle with:

Distinguishing the egoic mind vs. intuitive truth 

Hearing, seeing, knowing or sensing intuitionand trusting it

Quieting other people's opinions and taking aligned action on your instincts

Learning how to cut through the noise and develop your intuition as a coach is crucial.

The more you create space to consciously connect to your intuition the stronger it will become. And from that place, the more powerful you can be in your coaching sessions, your business and your life. 

Ready to fiercely follow your intuition and channel your dreams into form? 

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Coaching Evolved is devoted to helping you unlock your unique coaching genius and providing you the top-tier tools to create a successful career of your own design and incite a (r)evolution in your industry, community and the world. 

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