Tantric Breathwork to Reclaim Your Sexuality and Unlock Your Self-Expression

Some of the most deeply imprinted conditioning a person holds surrounds their sexuality. That’s why I believe it’s a necessary domain we need to have awareness of to be masterful coaches, healers, teachers and leaders.

When clients experience blocks around their creativity or self-expression, sexuality is a place that most coaches don’t dare go, and yet, if you’re not looking at the ways our sexuality has been oppressed, obstructed, shut down and shamed, there’s only so far that we can grow.

Through the gift of Breathwork, we are able to unlock, explore and reclaim our sexuality, embody our highest self-expression and release untapped creativity.
In this EVOLVE series workshop you will:

Be guided through a looped rhythmic Breathwork Practice so you can reveal more of your authentic Truth vs. your conditioned truth—and embody it fully

Release old beliefs, patterns and unconscious blocks around your sexual energy and desires so you can tap into new levels of raw and abundant self-expression

Learn how to effectively integrate the masculine and feminine energies within you, practice non-judgment and embody acceptance of all that is

At Coaching Evolved, we value safety above all:

If you have sexual trauma that has not been worked with or processed we would encourage you to check in with yourself on whether this would be the right practice for you to dive into. You can return to gentle breathing at any moment or stop the practice altogether if it gets too intense. If you think you could be really activated or triggered here, check-in with yourself and we would prefer that you not do this practice (but you can still watch to learn the teachings). 

Tune into your somatic wisdom and let your body be your guide. 

This Breathwork Practice to reclaim your sexuality and unlock your self-expression has the power to shift your identity, coaching practice and business at a core level, and help your clients do the same.  

Dare to venture where most coaches won’t?

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