Parts Work

Coaching Session

When we’re feeling conflicted about a decision in our lives, it’s because there are parts of ourselves that are wanting different things, or that are judging each other.

🙏🏽 Until these parts can be acknowledged, expressed, and brought back into the wholeness of who we are, we will feel like something is “off”, holding us back or not flowing…

And part of our personal evolution 🌀 is learning to identify, express and integrate these different parts, so we can come home to inner harmony and wholeness.

👉🏽 That’s the process you’re getting a backstage pass to in today’s client coaching session podcast episode!

In this episode, I guide my client to identify two parts of herself that are in conflict on her journey as a mother, and then have those two parts start working together toward what she wants. I also debrief and guide you through the session so it serves your expansion as a coach.